Eagle i Machinery (2021-02) - Uni Tube Range

Uni Tube - the American grain handling legend

Eagle i Machinery proudly offer a large variety of quality built Uni Tube models from trusted U.S. manufacturer Universal Industries to suit any sized operation. The conveyor tubes are available in lengths from 37ft to 120ft and belt widths from 15″ to 22″ with your choice of petrol, diesel, tractor hydraulic or electric drive.

Petrol, diesel and electric drive options – Fingertip self-propelled control

The range provides portable conveyor solutions for grain producers and bulk handlers. The 2200 and 1500 Drive Over series combined with Uni Tube conveyors and can easily and gently move your grain with no damage make loading and unloading bins, trucks, and trailers from paddock to silo a breeze.

Uni Tube has a proven high capacity full width belt system that ensures zero leakage with capacities ranging from 180 up to 300 tonnes per hour depending on the model and commodity. The hopper allows maximum capacity and handles all materials quietly and gently with zero damage to your grain.

The standard carbon tube is suitable for grains, beans, corn, seed, edible beans, crops, and other delicate commodities. The stainless-steel tube option is tough enough to handle even the most abrasive type products such as salt, sand, crushed glass and fertiliser.

At the heart of the 1537 and 1547 conveyors is the fuel-efficient Kohler V-Twin engine with petrol or diesel options. Renowned for their reliability and durability the engine has a convenient key start so no more sore shoulders or bruised knuckles.

Uni Tube takes the hard work out of moving and positioning the conveyor with simple fingertip stop/start joystick controls which easily hydraulically propel and steer the tube. They can easily drive up and down a 20% grade slope and effortlessly start on an incline. The hydraulic winch allows you to raise and lower the tube conveyor to your desired fill height for trucks or silos and for safety and convenience the conveyor won’t roll backwards when stopped or parked on an incline.

In recent testing in the USA, Uni Tube came out on top for capacity and reliability. Uni Tube is the proven solution and we’re more than happy for you to speak to current owners about their Uni Tube experience.


  • Simple and quality design
  • Backed by a peace of mind 2 year on farm warranty
  • Portable conveyor for grain producers and bulk handlers
  • Hydraulic winch allows easy adjustment of the tube to desired height
  • Easily drives up a 20% grade slope
  • Can easily start, and won’t roll back, on an incline
  • Capacity speeds of 180 tonnes per hour to 300 tonnes per hour

Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd only supply the best quality machinery for your operation and the Uni Tube is no exception. The Uni Tube is one of the highest capacity conveyors on the market and benefits from a clean design and high-level attention to detail. The Uni Tube has the capacity to move 300 ton of wheat per hour and can fill a normal semi trailer in approximately five minutes. It’s simple to operate and designed to get the job done.

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