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T-L Irrigation Centre Pivot and Lateral Irrigators

At Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd we believe that when it comes to spray irrigation there is only one name; T-L Irrigation. For over 60 years T-L have lead the industry with water efficient centre pivots, linear irrigators and quick tow systems using the latest developments to ensure their current offering consistently has the most trusted and innovative technology available.

Good time management is essential to farming success. That’s why more farmers are turning to T-L centre pivot irrigation systems. Hydrostatically powered, T-L’s simple design gives you the low maintenance time and cost, safety, and reliability to let you manage your farm instead of calling electricians or replacing gearboxes. Simplify your business and make irrigation easier on you.

T-L’s hydrostatic drive offers a constant moving irrigator for even water distribution, which is unlike any other machine on the market. T-L offers smooth consistent system movement at any speed, precise rotation times at any temperature, high speed rotation for frost control and chemigation.

T-L linear irrigation systems use on average 30% and ranging up to 50% less water than flood irrigation methods whilst allowing almost total coverage of your paddock. Equal distribution over the length of a linear system reduces friction loss and lowers operating costs.

T-L linear systems can be guided from a furrow, in-ground cable, out of ground cable or GPS guidance. T-L’s exclusive spool valve guidance system ensures accurate alignment for each tower, and water can draw from a ditch or a hose drag option.

T-L also offer a quick tow design which has proven time and time again to be simple and easy to use, the design unlike others. The fuel tank, hydraulic pump and power source are mounted on the pivot point, making the system ready to tow with minimal preparation. T-L have exclusive scissor jacks making wheel rotation simple, which will have you relocating your machine in no time! Although portable, the T-L quick tow keeps all the benefits of continuous movement, even water distribution, gearbox warranties and minimal maintenance and most of all simplicity of operation.

With T-L irrigators Eagle i offer an exclusive option of planetary gearboxes with an 8 year, 24,000 hour gearbox warranty, which is the best in the business. T-L are long lasting, reliable and easier on you for a lifetime. T-L manufactures everything at their state of the art facility in Nebraska allowing them to achieve the highest quality standards and ensuring their products are built to last.

Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd can help grow your business through the innovative design and installation of a profitable higher yielding and long term watering solution, that’s backed by genuine quality parts and on-going servicing by our qualified team.

Ask about our soil moisture monitoring program to apply the right amount of water and fertiliser at the right time to produce better yields and reduce waste from leaching.

Eagle I Machinery - T-L Centre Pivot Comparison (Aerial Photo)

Eagle i and T-L: a history spanning almost 40 years

After 100,000 hours of irrigating their own properties Finley cropping farmers Ian Brunt and his son Peter are first hand experts when it comes to irrigation. And they choose the United States manufactured T-L Irrigator Systems range of lateral and centre-pivot machines.

Ian imported the first T-L Irrigator into Australia in 1985 after visiting the US to specifically find a farm irrigator. After attending field days and seeing a range of brands, he and his wife Kathy were given some local advice that led them to the Thom brothers in Hastings, Nebraska and T-L Irrigation.

Ian’s main priority was that he didn’t want an electric irrigator as safety is paramount in everything he does. Over the years he has purchased several T-L models, which kept him in close contact with T-L. Their experience led to them being invited in 2014 to become a T-L dealer for the company. It was a natural progression to complement the farm machinery products they were already selling.

“We’ve seen a lot of other brands like Zimmatic, Bauer, Valley, Reinke and Upton but after 30 years we’ve still never seen an irrigator as good as T-L.  And with a 24,000 hour warranty they’re hard to beat”.

Talk to someone who actually uses the products they sell. You’ll never beat practical advice from someone who irrigates themselves. Ian and Peter are happy to show any interested people the five T-L irrigators at their Finley property.

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  • We are farmers who live north east of Kyabram. We recently purchased two T-L centre pivot irrigators from Eagle i: one fixed and one a towable unit. This year we have been able to - for the first time in a long time - finish off our crops and plant 80 ha of maize that will either go for silage or grain.

    We looked into three leading brands of pivots and T-L was our pick. T-L are hydraulically driven and are very simple to operate. Our decision to choose T-L was not done on price alone. We found the people at Eagle i in Finley, mainly being Brad and Peter, very understanding of what we required as farmers. With Eagle i, we felt very comfortable with the decisions they were helping us to make in buying a T-L centre pivot.

    Richard and Tania Russell
    Kyabram, Victoria
T-L Irrigation Dealers
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