T-L Irrigation
T-L Irrigation nozzles for all purposes
Peter shares why T-L irrigation performance is like no other
Efficient results achieved with T-L Irrigation
T-L parts to back your T-L Irrigation system
Benefits of spray irrigation
Eagle i T-L Irrigation GPS System
History: T-L in Australia
T-L Irrigation: hydraulic vs electric
Servicing T-L Irrigation centre pivot equipment
Peter talks T-L tyre options
Bore water and T-L Irrigation
T-L irrigator in action
Eagle i T-L Irrigation GPS System
Retro-fitting GPS guidance
Kwik-Kleen Grain Cleaner
Kwik Kleen grain cleaner
Add value with the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner
Kwik-Till at work on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula
Kwik Till’s available options
Kwik Till eliminates wheel ruts
Kwik Till – proven by local producers and improved design
Kwik Till new 34ft design
Kwik Till high speed tillage
Eagle i Product Showcase
Notch Box Blades
Notch Box Blades finishing blades
Notch Box Blade in action
Notch Box Blades – ready for immediate delivery
Poly Fabrication
Our poly welding services
Available options for poly fabrication pipe bay outlets
Matt talks fabrication and welding of poly fabrication products
Matt discusses poly fabrication
Riverscreen in the Darling River
Riverscreen in action
Peter discusses the Riverscreen
Riverscreen overview
Uni Tube
Uni Tube – the American grain handling legend
Uni Tube handling fertiliser at Riverina Fertilisers
Uni Tube 2247 – five tons a minute
Uni Tube comparison
Uni Tube customisation and build
Uni Tube 1552 at Eagle i Machinery
Uni Tube drive-over
Uni Tube drive options
Uni Tube stock available for this season
Uni Tube 1547 and 1837 features
Uni Tube 1590 Self-Propelled – driving lowered
Overview of the Uni Tube 1547
Eagle i Machinery introduces Uni Tube
Fittings & Parts
Eagle i Machinery has all the spare parts you need
T-L parts to back your T-L Irrigation system
Eagle i Machinery now have water fittings in stock in Finley