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Notch Box Blades

Eagle i Machinery is proud to offer a range of box blades from US manufacturer Notch. Achieve the results you want in one pass!

This heavy duty finishing blade comes in a range of sizes from 8ft buckets 22″ high to 24ft buckets 48″ high. The 20ft model holds more than seven cubic metres of dirt when full.

Its simple and effective design tilts on both sides making it ideal for cleaning out feeders and drains, road grading, grading tracks and maintaining paddocks, land levelling for irrigation, going in between orchard rows and moving dirt displaced by erosion.

The blade can be fitted with laser control for irrigation contouring, re-lasering paddocks or uploaded with the latest software technology for accurate ground control.

The secret to the success of Notch Blades is the wheel design. Tandem floating axles placed well behind the blade allow the blade to level before the wheels drop into any dips. Another great benefit is the angle of the blade design. It cuts in effectively at the right level to reduce shimming.

Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd stock replacement cutting edges in a range of sizes to fit most blades.

Versatile and robust the Notch Box Blade range is the solution to all of your earth moving needs.

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