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Riverscreen - low maintenance filtering of irrigation water

Eagle i’s Riverscreen is your answer to low maintenance filtering of irrigation water before it gets to the pump. No more wasted time cleaning line filters! Riverscreen provides the ability to access low level water where others can’t. It’s simple, maintenance free and proven.

Riverscreen also has an inbuilt foot valve to make it the complete suction side solution.

Filtering on the pressure side of the pump naturally creates the higher pressures needed to pump the water and to self-clean the screens. This means no maintenance, savings on fuel and the ability to draw water from as little as 100mm or 4 inches deep from dams, creeks and channels where you otherwise couldn’t.

No more cleaning filters 2-3 times per day. That’s not to mention wasted time with irrigators that are shut down automatically through low water pressure.

The Riverscreen is designed to eliminate impurities before the pump. This helps for a number of reasons:

  • There is no need for a filter on the pressure side of the pump. This eliminates the need to continually clean a pressure filter (when these block your pumping costs go up).
  • Cleans water before the pump for reduced pump wear.
  • Low maintenance costs and time saving.
  • Always maintaining constant pressure in your pivot ensures accurate irrigation application.
  • Can pump from dams or rivers down to 10mm depth with no vortex.

The savings you will make in time and money not cleaning line filters will easily pay for the Riverscreen in the first few months. If you’re pumping high volumes of water in any scenario and want better pump life, less maintenance and cleaner irrigation water Riverscreen is the answer.

Recently the NSW DPI made a recommendation for Riverscreen to be used in the most sensitive sections of the Darling River on irrigation intakes. This is in relation to protection of roe and fingerlings and ensuring the sustainability of the river. All concerned parties are very impressed about the performance and low maintenance of Riverscreen.

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