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Kwik-Kleen Grain Cleaner

Kwik Kleen grain cleaners are the simple, cost-effective way for any grain grower to add value to their grain before sale. Wheat, barley, canola, corn, chickpeas… you will be amazed at how the Kwik Kleen can remove weed seeds, dirt, small and pinched grain at up to 100 tonnes per hour!

Kwik Kleen is the simple on-farm grain cleaning solution. Simple to use, easy to see the whole process, giving you the ability to get better grain samples.

The simple design enables:

  • High capacity – up to 100 tonne of grain cleaned per hour
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Easy transportation and portability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ability to size grain and clean for seed

Kwik Kleen grain cleaners have patented tabs, ensuring there is no other machine like it. Those tabs on the auger flighting are the secret to Kwik Kleen’s success. Where other grain cleaners only clean on 40% of the screen, the tabs allow for 100% of the screen to be used to clean your grain. Those little tabs equal big results for you with better cleaning efficiency and throughput.

Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd stock screens, brush augers and genuine spare parts to keep your machinery working when you need it. Kwik Kleen grain cleaners have a range of round and slotted screens available to screen anything from canola to chickpeas, even large grains can be accommodated with 22 sizes available.

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Case Study: Barley Southern Victoria

  • Barley 10/11 harvest Southern Victoria
  • Screenings 8%, Test weight 56kg/hl.
  • Value of grain $190 p/t delivered to Geelong as F3 barley.

After cleaning at the rate of 35 tonnes per hour with the Model 572 (smaller machine) Kwik Kleen grain cleaner:

  • Screenings 2%, Test weight 64kg/hl.
  • Value of grain $240 p/t delivered to Geelong as F1 barley.
  • Net return to grower over 500 tonne @$50 per tonne: $25 000.
  • Cost of machine on $16 000 (plus GST)

The weeds that were removed were mainly rye grass and ergot. The barley was actually unsaleable with the amount of ergot in the sample and was rejected first time around. After cleaning with the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner the testing stand had no reason to reject. As any grain producer could appreciate, the farmer in this instance was very happy with the outcome. Not only did the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner more than pay for itself, it lifted the stress and worry associated with delivering this grain.

Eagle i Machinery Pty Ltd have per day hire Kwik Kleen grain cleaners available to be fitted with any round or slotted screen size you require.

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  • We purchased our Kwik Kleen in 2011 to clean heliotrope out of barley. We were amazed at how good the cleaned sample was and the speed at which it could handle the grain.

    We have since used the machine to take sand out of grain and small seeds out of lupins. We have had nothing but success with this machine.

    George Gum
    Pinnaroo, South Australia
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