Upgrade to T-L Irrigation right now with the Farm Innovation Fund

T-L Irrigation grant page cover image

If you’re using inefficient, flood irrigation systems, now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to T-L Centre Pivot or lateral spray irrigation.

The NSW Government has committed $1 billion to the Farm Innovation Fund under the Emergency Drought Relief Package 2019-20. Farmers can borrow up to $1 million per project with a total of $1,000,000 outstanding at any one time. This fund is designed to help farmers improve farm productivity, manage adverse seasonal conditions, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Talk to Eagle I about an overall plan to move from Flood systems to T-L Spray. We’ve got more than 40 years experience in our own irrigation and this means real world practical advice that can work for you.

This is a great chance to make your irrigation system sustainable, safe and hassle free for the future.

T&Cs apply, talk to your advisor today to ensure you qualify for the grant.